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Humidity Data Loggers in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin

Collecting relative humidity data is an important factor in many processes as the level of water content can have either a positive or negative effect on product. 

In selecting your Humidity data logger you should pay careful consideration to the range, resolution, accuracy along with the physical constraints enforced by your application. 

We combine market experience and global knowledge with local supply and service of Humidity data loggers at cheap price. To this effect, we have sales people in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to service the major capital cities locally and non metropolitan areas with fast response. Also we extend our business to Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

These Humidity data loggers all have internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. These humidity data loggers also have the ability to add external temperature and relative humidity sensors allowing two locations to monitor at the same time. Among the Humidity data logger products listed on Data Logger Store you will find water resistant, high temperature and I.S certified Humidity data loggers, but if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call we enjoy resolving your issues, it makes us feel clever.

Data Logger Store supplies a full line of humidity data loggers with a wide range and high accuracy. These data loggers are ideal for a variety of applications including monitoring shipments, storage areas, greenhouses and more. The software will display data in units of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and water vapor concentration in standard or metric units

Our optional calibration services give you added benefits and security with your complete data logging solution.

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TempRetrieverRH Data Logger
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RHTemp101A Data Logger
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The RFPRHTemp2000A is a wireless data logger that measures and records ambient pressure, humidity..
RFCO2RHTemp2000A Wireless CO2, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
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RHTemp2000 Data Logger
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Therm Alert-RH Data Logger
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UltraShock Data Logger
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