• QuadTemp2000 Data Logger

QuadTemp2000 Data Logger

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Internal Channel Temperature Sensor Semiconductor
Internal Channel Temperature Resolution 0.05 °C (0.09 °F)
Remote Channel Temperature Sensor Thermocouple Types J, K, T, E, R, S, B ,N
Remote Channel Temperature Range Thermocouple Dependent
Remote Channel Temperature Resolution Thermocouple Dependent
Remote Channel Temperature Calibrated Accuracy Thermocouple Dependent


Memory 500,000 readings per channel
Reading Rate 4 readings every second up to 1 reading every 24 hours
Baud Rate 115,200
Cold Junction Compensation Automatic
Channels 4 Internal & 4 Remote
Battery Life 18 month battery life with display off. 3 months typical with continuous display use.
Material Anodized aluminum
Dimensions 7.24 in x 2.7 in x 1.14 in (183 mm x 68 mm x 28 mm)
Operating Environment -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F), 0 %RH to 95 %RH, non-condensing
Required Interface Package IFC200
Approvals CE

QuadTemp2000 Data Logger

The QuadTemp2000 is a four channel thermocouple temperature data logger with an LCD. The device features onscreen minimum, maximum and average statistics, as well as a user configurable graphics screen that allows for any combination of channels to be displayed. The device accepts J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N type thermocouples. The QuadTemp2000 is ideal for a variety of applications, whether it is remote temperature monitoring, or multiple points in a central location. 

Data from all channels is simultaneously logged and displayed onscreen for real-time monitoring. It can then be downloaded to a PC for further analysis. The QuadTemp also has enhanced memory capacity, allowing the data logger to measure and record data up to 500,000 readings per channel. The QuadTemp2000 comes with a wall mounted universal power adapter.





MadgeTech’s IFC200 interface cable communicates between stand alone data loggers and the MadgeTech s..


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