Product Rentals

The MadgeTech Data Logger Rental Program is available for a the below selection of data loggers and each selection is customized to fit the end user’s needs.

Why Rent ?
  • Fits your Budget - In many cases, budgets are designed to cater to rental options in lieu of purchasing data logging equipment. The MadgeTech Data Logger Rental Program is ideal for organizations that are structured to do just that
  • Reduce your risk - it’s hard to keep up with the rate at which technology becomes obsolete. Rental services will give you the  opportunity  have the nicest/newest version of the product
  • Ultimate Flexibility - The MadgeTech Data Logger Rental Program offers the ultimate flexibility for providing the proper equipment, experienced support staff, and consultation to execute a project with confidence before making device purchases

Shock series

  • Shock101-EB Data Logger
  • Shock101 Data Logger
  • UltraShock Data Logger
  • UltraShock-EB Data Logger

Temperature series

  • HiTemp150
  • HiTemp140
  • TransiTempII-RH Data Logger
  • TC101A

Humidity Series

  • RHTemp1000IS R1
  • TransiTempII-RH Data Logger


  • PR140


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