Water Level

Water Level Sensor For Continuous And Accurate Monitoring.

We proudly present you our Water Level Sensor range from one of the world-leading manufacturers, MadgeTech. Sensing water/liquid level accurately and continuously is utmost important in commercial, agricultural, environmental, and industrial applications. So, whether you look for a level sensing logger for tank levels, sea level monitoring, or irrigation control; we have the right logger for you. Remote sensor access, various ranges, and battery-powered are just some of the useful features of the products we distribute across Australia.

Of course, we distribute rugged sensor designs for applications involving harsh environments such as seawater and underground water level sensing. Easy-to-install and configure will give you peace of mind about deploying the sensor and monitoring the required level ASAP. Other than monitoring, our products can record the data involving water level and temperature too. MadgeTech is a renowned data logger manufacturer in the world; hence you can rely on our product range to a greater extent. Not sure which sensor suits your application the most? Give us a call today, and we will guide you and provide you the most-suited Water Level Sensor that will fulfill all your requirements.

Level1000 Data Logger

Level1000 Data Logger

Product Code: PST-Level1000


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